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Saturday 29 April,
palače Biankini (Muzej Staroga Grada) 

20.30 Concert, Oskar Longyka

Oskar Longyka foto_Nina_Pernat.jpg

A. Mastracci: Kαλός per violino solo (2023)

E. Ysaÿe: Sonata for solo violin No. 4 in E minor

I. Allemande (Lento maestoso)

II. Sarabande (Quasi lento)

III. Finale (Presto ma non troppo)


J. S. Bach: Sonata for solo violin No. 2 in A minor

I. Grave

II. Fuga

III. Andante

IV. Allegro

Program notes to Kαλός per violino solo (2023) by Alberto Mastracci

„When we played together in the Young Researchers program last year, Oskar, Jure, Tobias and I agreed on the greek word Kαλός to represent our project. One of the Greek words for “beautiful”, Kαλός, refers to the belief that outward beauty corresponds to an intrinsic “goodness”. Rather than following any dogmatic set of ideas, we were guided by what we considered beautiful and valuable. This approach was the reason I was able to start composing, which I had never done to any serious extent before last year. The path that we opened together is still the path that I am following today. Therefore, in writing a piece for Oskar, I couldn’t help but draw from the wealth of musical material we made together. This piece is inspired both by the protocols we used in Kαλός as a quartet and by the sound code that emerged from our work together. One word that was used a lot to describe our music was “episodic”. We would latch onto something that one of us had played and go with it, then find something else and follow that instead. The music would end when we felt it needed to end, and that was it. This was a revelation to me: you can create a moment, enjoy it (or not), and discard it as you create a new one. Kαλός for solo violin (2023) is based on this idea. Each passage is an episode, each episode happens and goes away. Like memories or dreams, each moment is related to every other moment, yet they are not connected in any evident way, other than the succession in which they are presented.“ – Alberto Mastracci

Oskar Longyka (currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia) finished his Bachelor of Arts in Violin performance in the class of prof. Vesna Stankovic-Moffat at the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz. As a part of Erasmus+ exchange program he studied one semester with prof. Igor Gruppman at Codarts, Rotterdam. He attended masterclasses and received violin lessons from, among others, Igor Ozim, Daniel Rowland, Grigory Kalinovsky, Peter Götzl and studied chamber music with Robert Nagy, members of Carmina Quartett (Stephan Görner, Matthias Enderle, Wendy Champney), Stefan Schilling (Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra) and Chia Chou. He is active as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician. Besides performance of canonical repertoire of western classical music, he has experience in tango music (while studying in Rotterdam he took classes at the Tango department of Codarts), which he continues to play, mostly collaborating with the bandoneonist Tobias Kochseder. He is developing his interest in ethno and world music with the ensemble Trio Lumi, which can be heard on the album Tere Tere from 2021. As a member of the the .abeceda [new music ensemble], he regularly performs music by contemporary composers. He is also participating in educational and artistic programs of the .abeceda institute, most notably the Young Researchers V. program. For his studies in Graz, he received scholarships from the Municipality of Ljubljana and the foundation Viktoria. As of 2022, he is enrolled in a Masters of Philosophy program at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

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