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TIME and FLUX in Philosophy Science and Culture

foto: vilma matulic

2024 Pharos Philosophy Days

Vrijeme i Tok u Filozofiji, Kulturi, i Znanosti




"Alas! The days flow by like waves, never to return"

Stari Grad Philosophy Days invites philosophers to share their views on “Time and Flux” from scientific, metaphysical and/or existential perspectives in a brief abstract (~100 words). Deadline for sending abstracts is 29 February 2024.


The Philosophy Symposium in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar is conceived as an open gathering place, where philosophers, philosophy students and fellow travelers in the tradition of the Greek Socratic symposium share their ideas. The single guiding principle of the symposium is to freely reflect and critically engage with differing ideas.


Scholars and students across various fields are welcome to participate in the
2024 symposium, delving into discussions on Time and Flux. This four-day event is designed as an inclusive dialogue, spanning from the history of philosophy to the realms of theoretical physics, aiming to explore potential solutions to the pressing challenges faced by humanity and society today.


Thinking and articulating time and its passage today, after fundamental discoveries in physics (and especially after Einstein and his theory of relativity), is possible from several standpoints. Theoretical reflections on time are as indispensable in the latest research of theoretical physicists as the interpretations of "metaphysical time" by philosophers over the course of history. What is more, for humanity, certainly the most important aspect of time and temporality is "existential time" as a specific and essential form of human existence. Transience and irreversibility, the finality of "human time," is not only a philosophical question but also the most personal question in need of an answer.

“Time and Flux in Science, Philosophy and Culture,” will reflect philosophically on Time and Flux from various angles: the scientific, the metaphysical and "existential time" (as a specific and essential form within human existence), and include ideas about Time and Flux from other disciplines such as biology, geology, chemistry.


Today's UNESCO-protected Stari Grad and the Ager are founded by the Greeks from the Aegean island Páros as its colony of Pharos in 384 BC. Stari Grad, the oldest Croatian town with continued inhabitation since its founding in 384 BC, has ancient Greek roots and is Aristotle's peer. Time and Flux and the Biankini Palace, now museum and host of the 2nd Pharos Philosophy Symposium, are organically intertwined with Stari Grad. Petar Hektorović's compassion for the irreversibility of time is written in stone in his Renaissance Tvrdalj Castle: Heu fugiunt fluxu non redeunte dies, ‘Alas! The days flow by like waves, never to return’.

The organization of Pharos Philosophy Symposium

TIME and FLUX - Discourses
30 philosophers and students more will present and answer from very different viewpoints.


(alfetical order does not reflect programming)

Andrej Detela - " ... Syntropic perception of time ... " - Awaiting abstract

Ante Periša - " ... the thesis that time, at least as we usually understand it, does not actually exist. But, of course, this does not mean that the "time" or "flow" is slightly different ..." > read more

Ernest Zenko - " ... one of the greatest intellectual events of the 20th century - an encounter between Albert Einstein and French philosopher Henri Bergson ..." > read more (page under construction)

Milosav Gudović - " ... the difference between a strictly immanent and eminently religious understanding of hope as an existential stance ..." > read more

Petar Pavlovic - The need to overcome the concept of time > read more

Rok Zavrtanik - " ... I wish that these three questions find a place ... " > read more

Željko Šarić - Awaiting abstract

Time table: 

30 April 18 pm - opening

1 May 10.00 and 14.00 - discourses - Museum garden

2 May 10.00 and 14.00 - discourses - Hektorovic garden

3 May 10.00 until 14.00 - concluding the event, lunch - archeology site outside Stari Grad
Concluding: brief review about 'Time and Flux'; brainstorming for 2025 theme and realization

TIME and FLUX - Side program

Art & Exhibition
30 April - 18 May
Viktor Popovic and Neli Ružić (details follow)

1 May 20.00 - Concert: Oskar Longyka & Friends

2 May 20.00 - Recital (expected): Lutenist Igor Paro / Zoran Kelava: Lutenist Igor Paro and actor Zoran Kelava, with their joint music and stage program entitled "Marko Marulić - Against today's times" "Marko Marulić - Against today's times"

2 May 20.00 - Book presentations

Sanja Lovrenčić: Time in Visual Arts. About the importance of the element of time in visual arts.
Two Picture Books (awaiting details)
> read more

Sanje Publishers (Ljubljana) presents
'Three Men in the Field'; photographs by Bojan Brecelj, accompanied by texts from his friends Marko
Pogačnik and Aldo Čavić. > read more

3 May 16.00 - Time and Flux presentation for public audience

4 May - 10.00 - .... various activities, public audience, program follows


Jedna Mladost / One Youth, Michael Freer; Young people in Philosophy: Exploring "Time and Flux"

Ernest Zenko;
Pinhole cameras - (> 2023 workshop, update follows in 2024)

Time and Flux in science; (in preparation)

Ancient Greek cooking; A project by professor Andrej Petrić - Srednja škola Hvar in Jelsa
Within the project of revival of Ancient Greek Cooking the hotel school in Jelsa presents a lunch on 2 May for the philosophers.

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