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Time and Flux

Is Time a Clock or a Flow of events?

We have Real time, Time in Music, Time in History, Time in Change …

Thinking, talking and writing, drawing, painting about Time and and the Flow of Time;

Thinking, talking and writing, drawing, painting about Time and and the Flow of Time.

Real time, Time in Music, Time in History, Time in Change … Time is everywhere, but is it always the same time? Why do we have clocks? Is there a Time without hours, minutes and seconds? There certainly is!

Professional philosphers will point out how we live in a clock oriented reality, in clock time, and to compare that with the contrasting thoughts and influences about Time for instance in physics and metaphysics and philosophy; there are the clocks we know; but also sun clocks; atomic clocks; time as experienced is often different from clock time;

The workshop will be an engaging and playful learning event with theory and creative expression to learn about our relation with all kinds of expressions of Time. The workshop encourages to explore Time in all its facets, making clocks; sundials; theatrical expression; music; and a good example is Time as expressed in the Camera Obscura, or through Pinhole Photography.

This one day workshop will see young people (age 12-18) use creative and cognitive skills to reassess their own philosophy of time.

In their first session young people will be tasked with defining what time means to them. After brainstorming around the theme of time and having an open discussion on any terms brought up during the brainstorming, we will explore further their concept of time during our lives, and they will be tasked with creating a visual that represents time. Afterwards, they will have short engaging talks with philosophers and scientists, hear their philosophical opinions and talk with them about the various aspects in their own visualizations.

A second session as a follow up: This may then be followed up with local stories of time from adult people in their surroundings; this can be presented the group of young people either in written form, in photos or drawings. After listening, reading, looking through the stories they may reflect on their own visualizations and add or change them.

Michael Freer Michael Freer, lives in Kaštela from where he runs Ensoco, a business consultancy agency, and Udruga Jedna Mladost, a nonprofit for 7 to 18 year olds in Dalmatia, promoting informal forms of learning with an emphasis on developing the skills of leadership, entrepreneurship and creative forms of learning.

He also cooperates closely with secondary schools in the field of student cooperatives, developing new products with them, and is a regular business mentor at the Student Business Incubator at the School
of Economics, Split University. In the summer he can also be found running courses for teenagers regarding leadership and entrepreneurship as part of the Euroclub summer camp.

Prior to this, he organised the National Citizenship Program at the UK, managing logistics, staff and participants in the London region and has taught in schools and universities in India, Cambodia and Croatia.

Young people in Philosophy:

Exploring "Time and Flux"

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